Angela Warneken-Gold

After 25 years in the International fashion market Angela ‘retired’ to spend more time with her husband Les and to her surprise had a baby at 45 years of age.

Angela joined OSPREY in 1995 and became the Chairman after the death of the founding Chairman in 2002. Having been involved with several charities after giving up her career, she settled on remaining only with OSPREY. OSPREY was such a worthwhile cause but was not as high profile as many other charities, thus not always receiving the coverage it deserved. She spends a lot of time thinking up new and novel ways to raise money whilst offering good value entertainment for the loyal supporters.

OSPREY celebrated 21 years of successful fundraising with a Gala Dinner at the end of June 2013, having raised over £1.0 million since 1992.

Angela imagines that when her daughter Alice goes off to University she may well re-retire. However since osteoporosis is growing to epidemic proportions worldwide then OSPREY will be here for the foreseeable future, so she will probably be too.